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The Class VIII auditor known as Clearbird

The following articles cover the subject of Goals Problems Mass. The articles were written between 2007-10 during the development of the technology presented on this website. Years of study by the author was put into the subject, including reading scores of transcripts of relevant lectures held by Ron Hubbard 1960-66. Moreover, the author found a fair amount of data on the subject in the Freezone. Authors and developers include Alan Walter, Jack Horner, Bill Nichols, Peter Shepherd, Irene Mumford, Dennis Stephens, Ken Ogger, Robert Ducharme, Flemming Funch, and Ed Dawson & Max Sandor. We corresponded with Todde Salen (who has a center where they teach about GPMs) as well as with a graduate of Peter Shepherd’s GPM program. But first and foremost the final data have been developed through practical application and testing them to cases.

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DEEP Character Clearing
Basic Concepts

GPM Series 1
This is a short intro to DEEP Character Clearing. It gives the basic principles in illustrated form.


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The "Lost" Tech of GPMs
GPM Series 2

This article gives an overview of what GPMs are. Their anatomy, how they affect the case,  how they came about in the first place and how to process them.


GPM structure

"A GPM consists of pairs of opposing goals, one pair is layered on top of the next. All goals have one theme in common. That's the playing field or what the two sides fight over. One can start by finding such a theme that is in play in one's life. Then one finds a goal related to that theme and what opposes it. One would then find another goal and its opposition, repeatedly until all available polarities are discharged. Both the goals and the identities behind them have to be skillfully discharged as one goes along."

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GPMs and Games
GPM Series 3

GPMs come about because we love to play games and have done so since the beginning of time. This article explains how our favorite games on the track have become laden with super problems that make these games very hard to play and enjoy. It also gives a detailed example of a line plot.

two soccer players

"A game usually has opponents 
and something the participants fight over.
In soccer we have two opposing 
teams fighting over control of
the ball in order to score on the

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The Adventurous Routine 2-12
GPM Series 4

This is an analysis of Ron Hubbard's GPM tech. Where did it go wrong? Why was this promising tech abandoned?
It is an analysis of a process called Routine 2-12 that became a disaster in untrained hands. There are important lessons we can learn from its history.
First hand accounts from people who participated in this early research are being quoted.

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GPMs and NOTs
GPM Series 5

To many experts of Ron Hubbard's tech the running of spirits and thetans attached to the preclear has become the ultimate solution. What has been neglected, according to the article's author, is however the preclear's own case. Why are these body thetans there in the first place? Does the preclear still have a case that can be processed directly?


"We see the entities as elements in a larger structure or group, like the members in this school band. Each member colors the band but the overall beingness of the band is determined by outside forces, such as the school’s music director.

In the mind we have senior structures in the form of valences or identities, that again are part of a larger GPM structure. One has to address the senior structures and the postulates behind them to resolve matters."

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The Karma Buster Process
Explore the Dark Side of Your Karma

GPM Series 6
During development, we at some point used the working title "Karma Buster" for what is now DEEP Character Clearing. Indeed, what is called Karma seems to reside in this part of the case. For one thing, that is where we find our weak vunerable sides.

"When a person tries to operate as an OT he soon collides with all these skeletons in the closet. They comprise his 'Karma'."

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DEEP Character Clearing and the GPM Case
GPM Series 7

About the increasing fragmentation that a Being undergoes by playing conflicting roles throughout
its many incarnations, and how these parts can be re-integrated by DEEP Character Clearing.

This is the newest and most up-to-date description of DEEP Character Clearing in article form. It explains how the GPM case makes the mind work somewhat like a bureaucracy, and how one can become free of this bureaucracy case, become more cause and create one's own future.

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"The GPM case exists as potential
ridges and energies in
and around the body."


GPM Glossary:
This glossary covers different GPM terms used in running GPMs. Not all methods referred to are current.

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