"Complete Your Bridge" is a website for Scientologists who keep working at their case, independent from the pressures and regulations in their former church. Disclaimer

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"Complete Your Bridge" is a website for Scientologists who keep working at their case, independent from the pressures and regulations in their former church. Specifically it deals with Actual GPMs, the part of the case that Ron Hubbard saw as its core.


We use DEEP Character Clearing (DCC), a new type of processing, for the handling of GPMs. We are also organizing the auditor training necessary to run this new technology. We are using Scientology terms throughout this site. If you are not familiar with them, you can find a glossary here.



The Biggest New Step towards OT and Spiritual Freedom:


The author of the Clearbird materials has completed his work on another milestone of processing technology - the missing level of "Actual GPMs"

Gain a New Level of Ability to Be, Do and Have
Through DEEP Character Clearing

Life is a game. Sometimes we are good at playing and having fun; sometimes we are not, and things get really tough! In DEEP Character Clearing we see life as a multitude of games we engage in. Our existence as Thetans, as free Beings, through the ages is a long series of interwoven games. Some we won, some we lost and some are still ongoing. We have played our favourite games for millions of years. We learned, as well as we could, to become good players. We worked out  the hat, the role or identity the game required. Some of these games with their roles and identities are forgotten but still ongoing in our reactive minds. We are still playing out roles of the past without knowing it.

      Life is a multitude of games. We tend to get stuck in those roles that once were successful and those of past unresolved conflicts.   

The games and battles we hold onto reactively are those that once seemed very successful and those that never resolved. Unknowingly we hold on to our own fixated roles as players of these games. Such an identity may now exist only as an attitude or as a state of mind. We get stuck in our outdated successes. We blame our failures on opponents we couldn't understand or handle, and we keep a vivid record of the person's mean character.  Unknowingly we now end up in the same situations, conditions and relationships over and over. Our lives have gone stuck in boring or unpleasant routines. In some areas we almost got wiped out.

There is a Way Out
Through  DEEP Character Clearing, a new ground-breaking type of processing, we can move past that. We can isolate these states of mind, roles and shadow identities and get them fully inspected. We process our own reactive role and that of the opponent in past and present major disagreements and conflicts.  As a result, the person moves out of fixed conditions with their irrational fears, aggressions, repeated failures, and self abasement.  The person moves out of own repeated wrong-doings and unnecessary aggressions, own shortcomings, embarrassments and lack of courage when it really matters. We, once again, can play games that are fun! We can enjoy life from a new level of ability.  We can be what we are capable of being; we can playfully do what the chosen game calls for; and we can successfully obtain the desired result of the chosen game or pursuit!

What's New in DEEP Character Clearing?

The Bridge as it exists today does not address identities directly. There is power and destiny locked up in identities and much of it is counter-productive or reactive. DEEP Character Clearing fills in that hole and expands the Bridge upwards.


We researched the 1960'ies tech that Ron Hubbard called GPM tech, and also a type of processing called Effort processing, that never was fully written up but shortly in use in 1951-52. By redeveloping and refining Effort processing, that had become a truly lost tech, and applying it to identities as we found them in the abandoned GPM tech, we have brought about a fantastic technical breakthrough that opens the door to new levels of OT.


Ron said that the GPM case was at the core of the bank and that the handling of one central identity and its opponent in a GPM (meaning one polarity in a bigger pattern) would equal the handling of thousands of engrams. DEEP Character Clearing is the tech that handles dozens of such identities fully and straightens out and cleans up the reactive games played by these dramatizing or beaten down players.

You can indeed have your own case and core problems addressed after Clear. And you can fully release the charge and trapped life energy from the goals and identities found. The DEEP techniques are unique here. They are a new development based on studies, tests and refinements of Ron Hubbard's Effort processing.


Who Are We?

DEEP Character Clearing (DCC) has been developed by the same Class VIII auditor who wrote the famous Clearbird Materials, assisted by his partner Heidrun Beer, who is also the author of this website. Both have been active in the independent field for many years. Their cooperation started in 2009; since 2010 they are delivering processing and training as a team, currently with bases in Denmark and Austria.

As of this date (early 2012), we are the only two people who can deliver this important processing.  Until we have trained more auditors, our capacity is limited - so please make sure that you book your sessions ahead of time.

Trained auditors interested in the training will be given priority for receiving sessions. We want to prevent any delivery bottleneck. To receive more information, please use our Contact Form, or send us an e-mail to info@CompleteYourBridge.org.

The author of the Clearbird materials has completed his work on another milestone of processing technology - the missing level of "Actual GPMs"

Heidrun Beer, assistant to Clearbird and webmaster of this site


Disclaimer: This website is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by the Church of Scientology. The processing technology presented here is an independent new development that has no parallel in any services offered by the Church of Scientology.

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