Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about DEEP Character Clearing (DCC)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

about DEEP Character Clearing (DCC)




Frequently Asked Questions about DEEP Character Clearing


What is addressed in DEEP Character Clearing (DCC)?
We address areas of great interest to the person where there are lots of problems, upsets and suppression and very little change or flexibility.

We look at conflicts and polarities that fixate the person in a limited and unwanted state. We then find conflicts of long forgotten battles of life with yet a profound effect on the present. We address each side of contacted conflicts separately and release the life force, emotions, feelings, efforts and fixed goals and ideas locked up therein.

What does DEEP stand for?
It stands for Decisions, Emotions, Energies/Efforts, Polarities/Points of View. These are the phenomena we work with on the case to remove the irrational and charged elements.

Decisions include goals and all kinds of postulates, thoughts, beliefs and fixed ideas.
Energies include efforts, impulses and a range of body sensations.
Emotions include the emotions laid out on the tone scale; but they also include feelings, such as gut feelings and complex impressions from the mind or other Beings.
Polarities include conflicts and disagreements, be it violent as in war or more civilized as in personality clashes, discussions, arguments or major silent disagreements.
In DEEP processing we can even pinpoint physically where these phenomena are located on the case.

What is a GPM?
Basically it is identities the Being has been and identities the Being has fought.

What we process are two identities clashing in a conflict, as they both are recorded in the one person's mind. The one side suppresses or fights the other and vise versa. To the person it may seem it is an outside source that is the suppressor, but the fact is that over time the person him- or herself does most of the suppressing from both sides. The suppressing comes about when we have two opposing goals or forces in conflict. The opposition goal and identity was at some point the person's own, maybe ages ago. GPM stands for Goals-Problem-Mass: two goals opposing each other which is a problem that becomes a mental mass on the case.

What is a Character?
A Character in DEEP Character Clearing is the same as an identity. It is a no-change, inflexible beingness, a stuck role. It is a substitute for being fully present and alive and performing at the top of one's game.

Since these identities have a lot of individuality and usually play out like a role in a script (like in movies) we have adopted the term Character. A Character is built around a certain goal it seeks to accomplish. It contains emotions, efforts, thoughts and messages as well as likes and dislikes. We find fixed ideas, engrams  and secondaries, etc. as part of the package. 

What is a GISP?
It stands for Goals Identity Super Problem. This is the term used in DEEP Character Clearing for a GPM. 

It gives important aspects of what we are processing. Conceiving a goal leads to assuming an identity. A person who wants to fight crime (goal) could become a police man (identity) or judge (identity). A person who sees hunting as a way of life (goal: to hunt) becomes a hunter (identity), and so on. In the GISP we find a compilation of related problems or conflicts, one problem piled on top of the previous one. So instead of a relatively simple problem with two sides to it, we get a super problem that often has been added to countless times over millions of years of living through many incarnations. The person may even have switched sides numerous times, say between being a police man and being a criminal.


The identities we process may have many layers to them as the person reinvented him- or herself many times to deal with any current opposition. The identities, thus, have a resemblance to Russian dolls. You, the free Being, were the creator of these identities that now make You, the person, do all kinds of irrational  things according to the adopted character's range and script. Through DEEP Character Clearing you can resolve and discreate these unwanted old characters and their conflicts and regain the life force locked up in them.

Does DEEP Character Clearing lead to Key Out or Erasure?
We permantly erase the GPMs.

Key out means one feels great and temporarily released from a thing that bothered one before. Erasure means that the source of the problem is permanently handled. In DEEP Character Clearing we go for and find the root causes and thus we bring about a permant result, an erasure of the GPM. We process the elements in the mind that are the building blocks of these characters and their past conflicts.


Where are these GPMs located?
They are located as potential masses, confusions and ideas in the person's energy field.

This energy field is located in and around the body. Through DEEP Characer Clearing, the person becomes very familiar with this energy field and capable of using the skills aquired in processing after the service is completed.

The GPM case exists as potential ridges and energies in and around
the body.


Do you need to be able to recall past lives to run DEEP Character Clearing?
No, that is not a prerequisite and is not necessary. DEEP Character Clearing success does not depend on having perfect recall at all. We address the characters as they exsist now on the case.

How is DEEP Character Clearing different from Ron Hubbard's GPM processing?
The developer studied all the key materials of Ron Hubbard's GPM research of 1960-66. Even though there was much data and many observations gathered at the time, no real workable method was developed. Therefore, as far as method and technology is concerned, there is little resemblance. We used many single elements from Hubbard's technology but combined in a new unit of time to be able to crack the problem of processing GPMs. There are also elements that are unique and not borrowed or adapted from any other source, as there is in all innovation. This was simply necessary to conquer new land and make it all work.

Why was DEEP Character Clearing developed?
The developer had done all the available tech developed by Ron Hubbard through New OT-7. Yet, he found himself surrounded by masses and conflicts that weren't addressed but had become gradually denser or worse. Also, it was obvious from Scientology organizations and their history that basic conflicts became more and more polarized. The Church was waging war on society and on its own members. Scientology and the Church were "right" and others "wrong." It had become a big battle of "them and us." Obviously this isn't leading to a clear and harmonious world but is more likely based on the vision that Scientology Organizations would dominate the world. It was obvious, from inspecting many highly processed people, that they too had many fights in their lives. All this is addressed in DEEP Character Clearing, where the person is conquering his/her worst nightmare opponents (nemesis'es) and learning to embrace the counter-pole's point of view. What isn't well addressed in Ron Hubbard's tech is identities. The real attempt to address this very important aspect of cases was the GPM tech, which unfortunately had to be abandoned due to too many case casualties.

When and how was DEEP Character Clearing developed?
It was developed between 2006-11. It is still in a phase of refinement at this time of 2012. Dozens of cases have been run successfully on DEEP Character Clearing in its pilot phase. We have included success stories on this site. All key materials of Ron Hubbard's GPM research was reviewed as were other approaches to handling the GPM case. Authors include Bill Nichols, Alan Walter, Ken Ogger, Peter Shepherd, Irene Mumford, Jack Horner, Robert Ducharme, John Galusha, John Mace and others. Much of DCC was developed through co-processing between Clearbird and Heidrun Beer.

Who developed DEEP Character Clearing?
It was developed by a Class VIII, known as Clearbird. It is the same person who wrote Clearbird's "The Road to Clear" and a number of other books about Ron Hubbard's technology.

Is DEEP Character Clearing an OT Level?
DCC is well suited for persons who are near or at the top of the Bridge. Ron Hubbard announced in 1982 OT levels 9-12, including one level called "Character." It seems unlikely that it was ever written up. The way DCC works, it will dissolve non-optimum characters and roles the person is stuck in. As a result the person's true character and power is returned to her or him.

Is DEEP Charcter Clearing risky or dangerous?
No, we have now delivered hundreds of hours to excellent result and without any critical situations.

One needs not to be of very high OT level to benefit from it. Ron Hubbard's original GPM processes got the reputation of being very risky. It was said it could only run on high OTs. A more recent analysis reveals that the real problem was of technical nature. The technology itself had serious flaws and was hazardous.

Are there any prerequisites to receiving DEEP Character Clearing?
The processing  was developed to complete the upper end of the Bridge. During Ron Hubbard's research in the 1960's, he often said that the GPMs were at the core of the case. He said, that GPMs were underpinning any engrams and that handling GPM items would take care of vast amounts of engrams, secondaries and locks and other case phenomena. DEEP Character Clearing is first and foremost intended for persons high on the Bridge. It has, however, been found in practice that many persons with less processed cases can run it with great benefits as well. Not all can, however, run it. Since DEEP Character Clearing isn't dangerous for anyone to try, we do in practice accept all persons who are interested. In some cases we will however recommend other types of processing or shift to other types of processing for maximum gains per hour delivered.

Is DEEP Character Clearing the only service you deliver?
No, we deliver all aspects of Ron Hubbard's technology. Thus we are in a position to recommend the service you will benefit the most from according to your current state of case and preferences. We can design set-up programs for running DEEP Character Clearing as well if the service doesn't seem to run as well as it should.

How and where is it delivered?
Most of the research was done as processing by phone. More accurately, using computer telephony via the free service called Skype. We thus deliver the service mainly by phone (Skype). It can also be delivered in person.

How much does it cost?
It is sold by the hour. A minimum is to purchase 10 hours of service. Ask for current hourly rate.

Are there different rundowns within DEEP Character Clearing?
There are different approaches, depending on what the person is most interested in handling. Usually we would start by addressing conflicts encountered in this lifetime, such as situations where one was dominated or suppressed or repeatedly over-aggressive or upset. Also poorly functioning past and present relationships and personality clashes are taken up. One can also address subjects, areas of work and skill sets, etc. The first major step of release is what we call This Lifetime GPM Release. It may take from 50-100 hours to reach, depending on state of case.

What about line plots?
This is a technical question and we refer you to the articles, also on this site. There is also a glossary for more technical questions. The short answer is that we don't follow up on line plots for technical reasons. One can tear down old structures or behaviours without knowing exactly how they were brought about in the first place.

How about implant GPMs
This is a highly technical question. See articles and glossary for the long answers.
The short answer is: The area of interest in DEEP Character Clearing is the person's own case and issues.
We may at rare occasions run into implants when running DEEP Character Clearing. If this happens, the implant is addressed as an engram and run out as an incident.

What about entites, BTs and Clusters?
This is a highly technical question. See articles for the long answers.
The short answer is: The area of interest in DEEP Character Clearing is the person's own case and issues.
When you process entities there is no guarantee it will address those issues as one is not working with the person's own case. We also work from the assumption that the person's own decisions, emotions, efforts and polarities are the senior case phenomena to address in order to handle the person's case and issues.

Can DEEP Character Clearing be done solo?
Not at this time. We find DEEP Character Clearing addresses a lot of previously untouched charge and a professional is needed to guide the person through this new layer of case safely and successfully.

What are the indications of GPMs?
The GPM case manifests itself in many ways. Here are some indicators: Much theta or life energy trapped in inflexible identities; inflexibility in mind and spirit. Lots of upsets, problems and withholds in areas of great interest and importance to the person. Mental masses on the case despite extensive processing to get rid of it. Personality clashes; Being dominated or suppressed by certain persons (PTSness). Getting into the same situations and problems in life over and over and apparently not learning from mistakes. Inability to cope with certain people. Shying away from contact with certain types of people. Endless problems in relationships; same patterns repeating even with new and different partners. Lack of tolerance of other people and their opinions. Bad temper. Unable to cope with certain situations even when one knows in theory what to do and how to do it. Over-aggressive towards certain people or types of people. Being obsessed with certain irrational pursuits, passions and goals. Inability to see the other person's point of view. Being opinionated and unable to accept or listen to other ideas or views. Fanatic. Being a cult member professing the only right answers and fighting all others; or being the passionate opponent to such a cult. Being out of present time and consumed by past conflicts, relationships and pursuits. Getting into fixated games-conditions and losing sight of the overall goal; or said this way: go for attacking the opponent and not the ball. Many persons will conclude that they are not at war or not at effect (PTS) so they don't have a GPM case. What once was the opponent can, however, have been reduced just to an attitude, a state of mind, or an irrational habit, strange ideas and sometimes physical illness.
(Obviously, there are many overlaps in the above indications. This is simply to make it real to different people.)

What are the gains from DEEP Character Clearing?
A big boost in free theta or life energy. More flexible in mind and spirit. Capable of adjusting way of being and way of doing things to an optimum level. Greatly increased ability to deal with other people and understand their points of view. Ability to handle new situations based on present time data. Release of tremendous amounts of life force that previously was locked up in past games conditions and identities. More energy to do physical work. Increased ability to lead others. An increased ability to gain new friends. An increased ability to maintain friendships and relationships. Higher level of rational behavior. Greater ability to enjoy other people's company and get inspired and energized by them. Moving out of dead-end endeavours and relationships and instead be able to concentrate on creating a better future. Generally feeling healthier, more energetic and happier with life and optimistic about creating a better future.

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