Success Reports from the Pilot Project Stage of DEEP Character Clearing (DCC)


Success Reports

from the Pilot Project Stage of DEEP Character Clearing (DCC)





Successes from Pilot Project

As an explanation to the testimonials below, I have these comments:
Much of the charge was run out using Effort Processing (first published by Ron Hubbard in Sept 1951.)

By isolating two terminals in opposition and running out the efforts of the one side and then running out the efforts of the other side an amazing amount of residing charge could be blown. Even on high level preclears there are tons of "boring" charge there. Sometimes you get the scenarios that Heidrun tells about. But much of it is "digging a ditch" similar to what is described on the Clearing Course.


Heidrun's Account:

I would like to share some more impressions and wins from the research GPM running that Clearbird is doing with me.

Much is non-verbal, just energy flows. No command phrases and pictures, or they have been run out in previous auditing, but still plenty of masses (frozen energy flows) left in my space.

My visio of such mental constructs is developing (professional mediums like James van Praagh keep saying that their psychic perceptions arrive "translated" into images that match their human "vocabulary").

For instance, one ID took the shape of a totem pole, with the faces of the people combining the ID visible on it, and disappearing when their specific influence had been run out.

One ID's black and golden energy representation contained motion, a very aggressive "jackhammer" like rhythmic energy flow directed at me. In one of the drills I had to take control of that motion and could freeze it in time. The idea that I could reach out to such an opposing ID and have an effect on its most substantial component part was a major breakthrough for me, an ability that I feel has spilled over into present life.

One version of GPM running contains not only the use of admiration (a beautiful counterweight to so much ugly charge being handled), but also a question for the ideal scene of the ID on both sides of the GPM. I had some most beautiful visions on this question.

It brought back an old concept of mine: that even our worst opponent is actually a God who is just having a bad time, and that even if we cannot do anything for him in the physical universe, we still can hold up the vision of his original constructive and brilliant self, from which he fell away, but TO WHICH HE CAN RETURN, at a moment of his own  choice and at his own pace.

Then today the most incredible storage container of aggression got emptied out. It had been bothering me for my whole life. Again I had a vivid visio of it - a container resembling an agricultural silo, on which a door opened, and then a tar like black and horrible stream, massive like a waterfall but in slow motion, came down at me, who was looking up to it. Thank God I have a clever auditor who manoevred me out of its way, so I could watch it flow away from a distance.

I have seen many fascinating things in session, but there was only one thing as impressive as this one - when I watched a whole procession of dark hooded beings slowly scuffling out of the space of my daughter in a very dark night-like environment (this was not even a session - I was somehow invited to watch this event across a 100 kilometer distance.)

Today after session, if I had been an aeroplane, the trimming would have required readjustment. I kept getting the feeling that I was soaring up like a balloon. Couldn't really enjoy it as I had work to do and needed to focus on the ground, but still it was awesome :-) 




More from Heidrun:

The research GPM running Clearbird is doing with me has some interesting effects. I am not sure whether it comes from handling GPMs, or from using effort processing, or both.

It is very different from the effects of significance auditing. I could not say that I am gaining specific abilities, or that I am handling previously charged subjects or people better than before.

It is more a general increase in energy, but very markedly so.

Also I feel bigger - not blown out like after a session, but generally bigger during ordinary activities.

Especially the handling of MEST has changed very much.What used to be a big house now looks nearly like a doll house to me. I have the feeling that I surround the house and have to reach inside with thetan tweezers if I want to find or do something in a certain room.

Not always of course, and not totally so, but the feeling is there most of the time.

Cleaning a room is like wiping out a bowl with a finger. The room feels much smaller than me, I have to reach inside to clean it, and the effort I have to apply is very delicate - any more effort, and I would bust the walls or destroy furniture!

This is especially nice as MEST work used to exhaust me very quickly. It felt like needing 200% of my energy. Now it feels like needing 20%.

Same with the outside space. We are currently having a very early onset of winter, 20 centimeters of snow in two days, and with no more husband and no more cleaning lady and two very lazy kids I thought I would be totally overwhelmed with snow shoveling.

Not so! I cleaned two parking lots and all of our usual winter walkways, to the downstairs basement, to the firewood place and to the chickens, and it looked like a small job - but objectively I know that it was a BIG job, or at least I used to see it as a big job :-))

My body feels stronger too. Some of the credit for this might have to go to this spring's 10 bottles of chelation therapy, but still...

-- any possible explanation for this?




Alex' Comment:

I had a session with Clearbird too. What is interesting is the attention to efforts what could be often missed when running grades especially without any dianetics. I had good results with this fast auditing. The theory behind it is very clear to me - we are erasing efforts in mind space. I like it. This type of auditing sure works.

My thanks.



Nick's Experience:

Yeah, I did a couple of sessions with Clearbird of the same sort of auditing. I have similar feelings about it. No particular feelings of being blown out about something in the past (but it isn't about the past directly anyway) - but a sort of non specific plus in PT life.



From a Fellow Auditor:

Hi Clearbird, I would like to include your Karma Buster process in my preclear's auditing where indicated, as soon as it is worked out enough for a first writeup. In my experience, it addresses core situations in the case of human beings, and much of that has not been addressed by the levels and grades on the Bridge.


Alex says:


This is my feedback regarding your sessions. First of all again thank you for these processes. My take on them is that they are dealing with opposite, fighting identities in person space by taking away efforts emotions and thoughts off them one by one. When particular pair of identies is discharged the new, more basic shows up and is ready to be
processed. This approach is simple and intuitive though is based straightforwardly on  LRH data. It works easily and smoothly at least as I saw in my case.

This approach addresses charge on dualities directly without dabbling much with significances that is a very strong point in its favor as often preclear is being audited on lots of significances missing addressing the heavy charge directly as I observed in past and keep seeing in some cases here and there. After getting three sessions from Clearbird I kind of grasp it and have tried it with one of my preclears for a session. It worked fine with reaching basic duality with charge blowing and preclear cogniting all in one session. I plan to use it more in auditing my preclears.

I can share more date when I get them with my preclears.

Best Regards



Nancy's First OBE

This preclear had a desire to be able to exteriorize as her goal and she succeeded big time. She had never been able to do that before. The following was posted to an "Out of body" newsgroup and she does not refer to the auditing. Her reported experiences were, however, taking place while she was directly being audited on charge related with ext, applying the Karma Buster tech.

Wow! Oh Wow! I finally had my first real, complete, obe (out of body experience).  Last night I woke at 4 am and unable to go back to sleep I read until 6 am.  Finally drowsy, I purposefully lay still and focused my eyes straight ahead and tried to stay in that in between wake and sleep state.  The vibrations started. They were mild, like bubbling water and within seconds I was floating up effortlessly. I thought “leave the room” and I automatically assumed the superman flying position and flew through the rooms upstairs then down the stairs and through the front door and briefly outside on my street. I couldn’t see very well and asked for clarity but none came. I was afraid to open my “eyes” and spoil the experience. I was thrilled enough to fly through walls.  I seemed to automatically return to my bedroom and gently sink back into my body.  Thanks to all those who contribute on this list. You have kept me motivated.






Nancy's Exit  # 2

Last night (Feb 11/12) I had my second out of body experience.  This was entirely different from the first.  I went to bed early (9pm) with the intention of waking in the middle of the night.   Read for about 45 minutes.  Did the Proteus mind machine for 10 minutes and went to sleep between 10 and 10:30 pm. I woke up (no alarm) at 1 am.  I  took a Lucid Dreaming capsule (it’s mostly choline), read until 2:30.  I turned out the lights and focused on going out and keeping my eyes still.  I was on my stomach.  Suddenly I felt as though I was covered by something or someone very heavy. This time no soft bubbly water of vibrations.  I backed out of my body (felt like someone pulling me by my feet) with intensity. I turned around quickly and flew thorough the upstairs rooms and outside. I then found my self in what I believe to be the astral plane as opposed to just being in my neighborhood.  I got the impression that this was an introduction of sorts. 

I witnessed people (human form) wandering around aimlessly. They did not seem to be from only one earth era but a mixture of clothing styles. Can’t recall any architecture. I felt as though I was in mud structures. Weird. The place was dense – heavy – morose – unpleasant. Going through walls there was gummy and claustrophobic.

This might have been an in-between physical lives area or just a different plane of existence (is there a difference ?)

All I know is I was not threatened by any entity or person, but it was uncomfortable and I decided to return to my body and did but I found myself in SP [sleep paralysis]. This is my first experience of not being able to break that SP “spell”.  I tried to turn on the bedside lamp with my astral hand and the switch seemed to spark which freaked me at first then I just accepted it as my delusion. I looked at the clock and it was 4:15 am. So I relaxed and devolved into the dream state. 

Despite the scary parts I am grateful for the experience. It was very intense and I thought I would feel depressed or tired today but to the contrary I feel immensely alive. I hope I am working my way up the astral planes to lighter and lighter planes/forms of existence.




No More Trouble with Rage


I want to write about my experiences with DEEP Character Clearing.

In the past I was not aware of how much I destroyed my life with fits of rage. Time and again my patience was wearing thin, and I destroyed good opportunities.

In about 6 sessions we could find and erase the basis of my imperiousness (my auditor is Heidrun Beer). Since then I have no more problems with it, and I notice it immediately when such a tendency "knocks on the door".


Finally I can work at the theme of unconditional love, which was always very desirable to me in this lifetime. Many thanks, Heidrun!


S.Q., Austria


Rick's Success with DCC

I have received extensive processing on DEEP Character Clearing from Heidrun. This was done long distance via Skype. I have had many life changing gains from this.

Some of the overall gains are: I feel much more myself and enjoy other people's company, regardless if I have a lot in common with them or not. My affinity level has simply come up and my ability to feel empathy (not sympathy) for others has increased leaps and bounds. I feel I have more energy, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Along the road some chronic low intensity head somatics have disappeared. Running DEEP Character Clearing has also been a lot of fun as it took me through so many exotic scenarios and ways of being and I could see that all the people and conditions that had put me at effect or upset me had a piece of me and my own doing in them that could be completely confronted and removed. At first, some of these barriers and oppositions seemed totally solid and outside my control to change in any way. But as the name suggests, the processing runs deep. Once you can isolate your own part of the problem it sooner or later simply falls apart.

I have, as a result of this DEEP Character Clearing, arrived at a new level of understanding of myself and of other Beings and of what the rest of my life should be about. It sure feels like I am back on track on the road to OT. A Big thank you to Heidrun Beer and for this new tech.




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