The "Copenhagen Axioms" are Clearbird's interpretation of the Scientology Axioms.

The Copenhagen Interpretation of the Scientology Axioms

 “The Copenhagen Axioms”


© 2021 by Rolf Dane (Clearbird)

The following writing is based on the axioms of Scientology. It is an updated and revised version of them – revised in the light of new research and data. The numbering and topic are kept for each axiom; but obviously there are important differences. The revisions are based on study of modern physics, (including quantum physics), cosmology and evolutionary biology. We lean on the works done by researchers like Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Thomas Campbell, Candace Perth, Benuit Mandelbrot and others.

When it comes to our own field of the human mind, personal development and spirituality we can mention researchers and authors like Frank A. Gerbode, Stephen Wolinsky, Gary Craig, Eugene Gendlin, Robert Ducharme, Marc Rüedi, Barbara Brennan, Paul McLean and many others.

It has been important to us that the results we have come up with when it comes to the human mind are checked against our own experience and research with clients in counseling. Most of this research is published in the book, “DEEP Clearing, Releasing the Power of Your Mind”.

The version of the axioms we present here is more like a collection of maxims. They cover, with comments and all, more ground than true axioms do. We give room to practical experiences and applications in Clearing work.

This present work is called The Copenhagen Interpretation of the Scientology Axioms (or simply “The Copenhagen Axioms”). Obviously, it is written in Copenhagen. And also: Between 1925-27, Niels Bohr, assisted by Werner Heisenberg, gave his interpretation of phenomena in physics that now is a central part of quantum physics. This led to a long discussion and feud with Albert Einstein, who couldn’t accept their theories. Niels Bohr’s theories and this whole intermezzo are known as the Copenhagen Interpretation. This interpretation is used directly in our work. In short: Bohr stated that objects on an atomic level do not have specific properties until measured. Before measurements we only have the probabilities of a field. It suggests that Consciousness is the driving force behind reality and physics. Einstein, on the other hand, insisted that physical phenomena existed independently of consciousness and objectively.

In the present writing there are five main differences from the original Scientology axioms and teachings:

1. Time is not “a lie” or “the basis of aberration” but a law of nature that is necessary in order to have free will and development. It is a true axiom. We take the phenomenon of Time as an observable truth without proof. We state in the Axioms that our physical universe is virtual and has been built intentionally. To create a virtual world via a computer, as you see in video games, the computer clock is an absolute necessity even before you start.


Note 1: The physical universe is pixelated. In physics they have established the smallest units of time, length, weight, etc. as Planck units. The Planck units are the smallest units possible. A Planck length (1.6x10-35meter) is the smallest possible length, Planck time the smallest unit of time etc. (named after Max Planck, one of quantum physics’ fathers). Our universe consists of and is built from such tiny units (quanta). Our universe is pixelated in other words. We live in a pixelated reality where each pixel is a quantum. It is a virtual reality, one could imagine, that was started when some Big Being pressed the Enter button on his computer at the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago (Thomas Campbell’s vision).


2. The general common purpose for aware beings in this universe isn’t merely to create an effect but to have a game. By game we mean pursuing a basic purpose and overcoming opposition. In a game we have an identity, an overall purpose, we have barriers in the form of a rule-set and opposition, and we have freedoms (choices and decisions). So Free Will is an important element of any game.
The highest purpose in this universe seems to be: to Evolve.


Note 2: As an aside: Biological evolution of species is created from within and not “by accident”. It is a result of wanting to overcome problems and seeking an optimization. It is a result of intelligence and of desires and goals and NOT a result of random mutation as theorized by Charles Darwin in 1859. There is new science (since 1991) that shows that evolution of species follow the same principles as evolution in technology, human affairs and economics: overcoming problems and going for a more optimum and workable solution. All of life is motivated by this urge to evolve and optimize. The branch of the life-sciences and DNA research that now shows that life-energy (Henry Bergson’s Elan Vital) is behind evolution is called epigenetics. It shows that survival-needs and an intelligent life-force are capable of modifying the DNA and thus the organism.


3. Life and the universe are fractal in nature. Principles and patterns repeat themselves in many sizes. The same patterns and laws we find in all of mankind are repeated in single groups, in a single human being, and even in the single cell – just smaller and smaller in size. It also seems that the mind follows laws that can be found “as above so below”. We have macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos.


Note 3: This fractal principle is best illustrated in holography. From a holographic film you can reproduce a 3-dimensional hologram captured through holographic techniques. But amazingly: if you just take a little cut-out of that film, say less than 5% of the original, you can still reproduce the whole hologram. In other words, the little cut-out contains by and large all the original data – but in a lower resolution.


4. “As-Is” in the original Scientology axioms is described as an ability to create or make disappear objects by intent or decision only. This may very well apply to a person’s own mind and to mental objects. But in the Scientology axioms it seems extended to physical objects as well. In the general literature on psychic phenomena we have telekinesis, telepathy, past lives and out-of-body experiences. There are a number of scientists and university programs that have proven “mind over matter”; but the evidence they can come up with and refer to when it comes to minds directly controlling matter, is typically minor effects, such as moving a match, turning on a low voltage lamp and the like. There is plenty of evidence in the same literature of out-of-body experiences, telepathy and affecting events that include other beings; of coincidences happening just at the right time (synchronicity) etc. There is also much evidence of “mind over body”, spontaneous healings etc. But when it comes to creating and making disappear of physical objects, credible evidence is missing. It seems that the rules and laws of this our physical universe allow all kinds of telepathic (“wireless”) interactions between beings, and between mind and own body and health. But when it comes to interaction between aware beings on the one side and physical objects etc. on the other, the rules are more strict and do not allow for “As-is”.

5. In the “Copenhagen Axioms” we talk about quantum fields as a connecting layer between aware beings and possibly to consciousnesses of higher orders than human. You could say that we are getting into religion. We think however that what we present is all supported by good evidence. The dividing line between material and non-material, between hard evidence and religion has simply been moved in the direction of immaterial causes. This may sound like “old time religion” to some, but our modern technology with cell phones, Wi-Fi, internet and databases in “the cloud” has made all this more likely and acceptable as we live in a comparable reality. Electronic communications and connectedness are based on field theory applied to electronics.


Note 4: We may all be parts and expressions of such a big field that by some is called the quantum field, by others Nature and by others again, God. The real battleground in modern physics is not if a quantum field exists – but whether it is conscious or not. Most physicists say it is unconscious. We see it as having some “mysterious” level of consciousness – although all this is open to beliefs. We believe that we all have a piece of the divine power and light within us. But to experience the full power we have to cooperate and unite. We have to feel and express love and togetherness and our power as beings, group and species grows.

Note 5: One additional remark to our place in cosmos is that maybe the physical universe was created from a higher dimension and we simply lack dimensions to grasp it. A two-dimensional being, such as a player in a video game on a screen, has no idea of who created him – nor any way of knowing. Maybe we could be compared to such a player (according to Thomas Campbell and his Big Theory of Everything).




 "The Copenhagen Axioms"

 Axiom 1:  The source of life and consciousness is basically non-material. It is capable of manifesting itself in the material world. This source is in these axioms called 'Awareness'. For individuals specifically it is called 'Aware Being' or 'Viewpoint'.


This source is in these axioms called „Awareness“. For individuals specifically it is called „Aware Being“ or „Viewpoint“. (“Awareness“ is used as a synonym to“Consciousness”). According to modern physics there is an underlying field that shapes our physical reality. It is information-based and invisible but has the power to form particles and shape many particles into objects. The theory is called quantum field theory. We see this field as having some level of consciousness. Personal awareness, as we know it, is a small part of this field. The physical world and life phenomena spring from the greater Awareness field.

 Axiom 2:  The aware being creates, expresses and experiences phenomena and information. It is capable of making decisions and postulates (outflow), perceiving and experiencing (inflow); it can hold considerations and ideas (store opinions, conclusions, memories).


The aware being has its own intelligence independent of the brain. It is this agent or center that gets ideas, sets goals and endows bodies and projects etc. with initiative and life-force. The physical or material world is subject to inevitable decay and entropy. Only the life-force of awareness and organic life is capable of reversing that decay with creative action and procreation.

 Axiom 3:  Life and the universe are fractal in nature – patterns repeat themselves. A) The individual aware being is capable of creating, storing and undoing personal mental matter, energy, space and time (mental MEST). These its own creations make up the personal mind and universe. This sphere is a private one and it is only controlled by the person.


Definitions regarding Mental MEST: Mental Matter = images and thoughts. (In language: use of nouns). Mental energy = emotions/impulses. (In language: use of verbs). Mental space = awareness of environment. (In language: description of environment). Mental time = free will; planning and remembering. (In language: using past, present and future tenses). Time, on a mental level, is closely associated with remembering the past and planning the future. On a body level we have the sense of time through motion and action. In both mental planning and physical action there are the important elements of free will and choices. Therefore we see free will and time as closely connected concepts.


B) The physical universe consists of matter, energy, space and time (MEST). We see the physical universe as having been formed in a similar way as the private world of the mind. The specific source of the physical universe, here called the quantum field, is considered to be non-material but is otherwise unknown at this time.

 Axiom 4:  Space is basically awareness of the environment.


Awareness, spirit, quantum field and space are closely connected concepts. We are entering “the world as an illusion”, as Buddha put it nearly 2600 years ago. We are dealing with a virtual reality, an information-based reality. Quantum physics and the famous double-slit experiment have taught us that “everything” exists only as possibilities, as a quantum field. Not until something is observed and measured does it materialize, not until it is seen, named and shared does it exist for real. In other words: it takes an observer to initiate and create our reality.

 Axiom 5:  Energy consists of waves and frequencies.

 Axiom 6:  Matter is condensed energy.


Energy (a high frequency) can be transformed into solid matter (a low frequency) and vice versa. The formula for this is Albert Einstein’s: E=mc2 – where E is energy, m is mass and c is the constant of speed of light. In order to undo (dissolve) mental matter it first has to be transformed into a very high frequency (close to pure awareness) that apparently is easy to handle by the aware being. This approach can be used by the individual to reshape his/her “personal universe” and mind. It can be done by the means of awareness, communication and introspection alone but only at the person’s own volition; no one else can do it for him or to him.

 Axiom 7:  Time is an intricate part of the physical universe. It is a law of nature related to the frequency factor.


The physical universe, to be stable and exist in the form it does, needs to be regulated by a clock and have a maximal speed. It needs the concept of time and speed of light. Any speculations about more basic elements that could explain Time are meaningless. There are in physics 26 major constants and 4 basic forces that are unexplained but necessary for the physical universe to exist at all. Speed of light and the gravitational force are the best known ones. The basic constants and forces can be accurately measured but no real explanation exists. But if the constants were different – changed by as much as a hair – the “fine-tuned physical universe” would collapse. Time is not part of these 30 elements. Time seems however to be even more basic and inexplicable in physics. It is simply a law of nature. It is part of the rule-set needed to make up the physical universe in the first place.

 Axiom 8:  Time manifests itself by change of particles and energies in space.


On a microscopic level we have frequencies of tiny particles, such as in atoms and crystals. This is used in atomic clocks. On an astronomical level we have movements of heavenly bodies. This is used in calendars.

 Axiom 9:  Change and frequency are the primary manifestations of time.


Frequency and change do not explain time. Time simply IS! Time is a law of nature installed at the beginning of (or prior to) the physical universe and it is more basic than frequency and change.

 Axiom 10:  A) The common purpose of all life-forms in this universe is to have a game.


A game is here defined as assuming an Identity, having a Purpose or goal. This purpose is regulated by Barriers in the form of rules, opposition and opponents. And there are Freedoms – freedom of choice, possible moves, etc.


Having a game is how we experience ourselves as individuals possessing a free will. It is how we gather life-experience and learn. Sometimes the games are fun; sometimes they are serious and necessary and called Work; sometimes they are even destructive. In general: we have win-win games such as in teaching and doing constructive work; we have win-lose games such as in competition and sports; and we have lose-lose games such as in conflict and war where even the “winner “usually comes out ruined and crippled.


Activities and games are how we experience perceptions, emotions, our mental and physical possibilities and limits; it is how we learn and evolve. All these phenomena are manifestations of being actively engaged in the game of life. This understanding of life as a game can be applied to all living organisms. Lower organisms and plants have survival goals and games.


An aware being usually operates on a life-purpose. Ideally it is carefully chosen on the basis of forwarding the being“s survival interests, happiness and evolution. We have the elementary survival purposes such as to survive, thrive, procreate, raise children etc. Above that, a more sophisticated purpose can determine what a person does with his or her life. It is expressed as one“s role in life, profession, passion, one“s mission or calling. The purpose the person pursues defines his or her role or identity and the game he or she plays. Many games can be played over time or simultaneously by one single individual. But if one purpose stands out and is of long duration we call it a life-purpose.


B) The highest purpose in this universe seems to be to learn and evolve.


You may ask, “Evolve into what?” It seems that our immediate goal is to find happiness and peace – as a general rule. Our ultimate goal is to actualize the highest levels of harmony, serenity and understanding. This is further described in Axioms 23-25 using the technical terms of tone scale and ARC. In many religions it is described as we are going from being individualized expressions of God to a state where we reunite with God.

 Axiom 11:  The following data apply to personal universes:

11A) There is Creation. Creation has a very high frequency and is a frail state and condition without persistence. It’s a flash of almost pure awareness happening for one individual (viewpoint). All the creation and its energy stem from just one individual, from one vision. If not kept up the creation will collapse and disappear (dissolve, discharge).

11B) The frail creation can be given durability through the process of Transformation: A. Perceiving B. Naming; C. Measuring; and D. Sharing. The sharing (as give and receive) can be intended and pleasant or forceful and upsetting as in hardships and traumas.

As stated under Axiom 4: quantum physics tells us that ‘Reality’ only exists as a possibility. Not until something is perceived, named, measured and shared does it become solid and real. The Sharing means the creation and its frequencies are picked up and reproduced by others or by the field or the physical universe itself. Now the creation does not merely depend on one person’s vision and energy. It depends on a shared energy and possibly as a vibration and record contained in the field or the physical universe itself. As more viewpoints accept and share a creation, it becomes a composite and more solid. The many viewpoints provide a web of slightly conflicting copies and different sources of energy to feed the outcome. This makes the creation into a solid composite as one viewpoint alone cannot simply stop creating it.

11C) By the above process we have brought about an Objective Existence, a reality. It is out there and can be perceived and experienced. The creation has entered the field and time stream and become real. It is an element in the game of life.

11D) The element may be unwanted by some – be it an unwilling receiver (as in trauma) or sometimes even the element’s own creator. As a consequence the dissatisfied party or parties may use force, suppression and denial to get rid of it. We call the result Repressed Existence. The element is now more resistive and solid – and more removed from awareness. The element has become less understandable and controllable, become more hidden and forgotten.

In trauma the ‘Sharing’ described in 11B is experienced as an impact and overwhelm by the victim. The Creation, Perceiving and Naming were done by another source. The element or event impacted and overwhelmed the victim that nevertheless automatically made a ‘solid’ holographic copy of the incident. In the case of lasting trauma the content was protested, fought and repressed and deposited by the victim in the victim’s repressed mind (subconscious mind).

 Axiom 12:  Solids and collapsed holographic recordings, such as traumas, can be dissolved and removed. By energizing their mental masses and energies to high frequencies, near pure awareness, they will flow easily and naturally discharge (see Axiom 6). One has to fully view the element – preferably from the exact viewpoint and position from where it was created.

The collapsed element should be given more of its native, inherent energy. This can be accomplished by repeated viewing/perception and granting it life-force. The crushed element will again enter awareness and become a flow that will naturally discharge – if allowed to do so. It will overcome all stops and opposition from the environment and internally, and complete its cycle of action. One could speculate that the creation returns to the state of pure awareness; or to the quantum field – the field of unrealized possibilities.

 Axiom 13:  The mind and the physical universe run on cycles of action.

A cycle has a beginning, a lifespan and an end. It can be create, survive, destroy; birth, life (maturity), death; start, change, stop; introduction, main part, ending – to mention some common formulations.

 Axiom 14:  Maturity and Objective Existence of a creation is brought about by insistence and completion of the transformation steps of perceiving, naming, measuring and sharing.

The vibration will be picked up and shared by other viewpoints (Axiom 11B) or it will be recorded by the field and the physical universe. The creation will now need no further attention from its author to exist. It has accomplished Objective Existence (11C).

 Axiom 15:  The creation process is the frail action described in Axiom 11A. It has no persistence.

 Axiom 16:  Complete “destruction” or rather dissolving of an unwanted mental element can be accomplished by completing its cycle of action. We accomplish a discharge using awareness and flows rather than using force and destruction.

Unwanted mental elements can be negative emotions and sensations; unwanted and obsessive thoughts; stuck pictures and incidents; automatic efforts and impulses.

To complete the cycle of such an element we have to A) be fully aware of and review the actions and energetic processes by which it was created. B) Once actions (such as an incident) frequencies and characteristics around the element are fully duplicated they will discharge. C) Sometimes special elements can simply be switched off directly (see Axiom 19). Such complete dissolving can only be done by the being that now holds it. In case of a traumatic experience this is the traumatized person who involuntarily created it. In practice the element can be fully discharged, turned off and then forgotten by these steps of reverse engineering and discharge (see also Axiom 12).

 Axiom 17:  The physical universe consists of elements and phenomena materialized from the quantum field.

Apparently there are different levels of creation as outlined in Axiom 3.The way elements became part of our reality is that these creations, authored by us and other sources, were named, perceived, measured and shared broadly. The broad sharing and agreement ensured the elements’ continued existence independent of individual creation and maintenance.

 Axiom 18:  Undesirable states and conditions are brought about by applying suppression and force to an element and thus making it more solid and hidden from awareness (Repressed Existence 11C).

By applying suppression and force we may see temporary results. But we don’t get rid of things but only accomplish inactivity, forgetfulness and ignorance about them. A being typically has a subconscious mind. At least a part of this mind consists of experiences and ideas the being pushed away and crushed in an attempt to eliminate them from awareness – here called the repressed mind. But these experiences react upon the being from underneath the surface, as they are not eliminated but still contain reactive energy in repressed and solid form.

 Axiom 19:  There are two possibilities when we want to discharge a mental element. We can turn the solid into energy and awareness and discharge it (Axiom 16). Another possibility is that an item is being continuously but unknowingly created by the being. In this case we simply have to find the viewpoint and consideration behind its creation and turn them off.

 Axiom 20:  Ideally we can permeate a negative condition completely by simultaneously being it and viewing it. This ideal approach will give us full control of any given mass, any energy and vibration involved.

It can also be put this way: one can sense it from the inside and get a visual impression as well, rather than looking at it from a distance.

 Axiom 21:  Understanding and relationships consist of Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC).

This works in relation to others, to oneself, in relation to the physical universe and in acquiring theoretical knowledge and understanding. It takes quality communication (ARC) to understand others and the physical universe as well as acquiring skills and knowledge.

 Axiom 22:  ARC is the lubricant of Evolution.

Positive and friendly ARC leads to evolution. Negative ARC leads to de-evolution.

 Axiom 23:  The collective of all aware beings and viewpoints has the potential of total understanding or total ARC.

This ideal state (near pure awareness and Oneness) seems to be the inspiration and driving force behind spirituality and most religions. It is an established fact that the higher the ARC is between aware beings, the more collective understanding there is and the more feeling of Oneness is present.

 Axiom 24:  Should such a state of total ARC, of pure awareness with its unfathomable harmony and bliss, become realized all unwanted conditions on Earth and elsewhere would cease to exist.

In Christianity this is known as Paradise. In Buddhism it is known as Nirvana.

 Axiom 25:  Affinity is a scale of wavelengths (frequencies), wave characteristics and patterns generated by the aware being. It is observable as a scale of attitudes or moods and often expressed as emotions.

High on this scale is a strong feeling of togetherness, a willingness to share. We may feel as being one with humanity and all of life. As one goes down this scale there is more and more distance introduced; less and less accurate perception taking place; less and less communication is possible. High on the scale we have the experience of harmonious love and togetherness. Low on the scale we have complete isolation and loneliness. Here we find the mindset of war, crime, violence, insanity and death – games where everybody loses.

 Axiom 26:  Reality is the sum of all agreed upon phenomena of existence. It is all the elements, conditions and phenomena a given person has in common with the people and world around him or her. It is a composite, called Objective Existence that comes about by Sharing (Axiom 11B and C).

 Axiom 27:  For something to be real it has to be picked up and agreed upon by others. If not agreed upon we have an actuality – something that is true for its creator only. It is still in the phase of Creation as described in Axiom 11A.

 Axiom 28:  Communication is the process of exchanging ideas or particles over a distance.

There is an originator A (“the speaker”); a distance to overcome; and a receiver B (“the listener”).  A successful communication sends a message from A to B and the message received at B is unchanged from what A meant. There is an accurate and perfect reception and understanding at the receiver end. A non-communication is a situation where the message never gets through due to barriers. Barriers can be walls, too much distance or lack of common protocol (no common language). In the ‘ARC=Understanding’ equation Communication is by far the most important element. Affinity and Reality could be seen as characteristics or quality factors of C. The Affinity factor corresponds to the distance between originator and receiver; the Reality factor corresponds to the quality of reception and understanding one seeks to accomplish through the communication.

 Axiom 29:  For anything created to persist – any element, condition, object or phenomena – it must have moved from the immediate Creation described in Axiom 11A, through the condition of Transformation (11B) to Objective Existence (11C).

Once something is heavily and broadly shared and agreed upon by others the originator loses sole ownership of it. It now exists objectively. (Actions like publishing, manufacturing, promotion and sales are practical steps taken in society to get something from initial idea and creation (11A) to “objective” or common reality (11C)).

 Axiom 30:  If anything unwanted persists in one’s mind or in one’s vicinity it can be remedied by reverse engineering and viewing it fully in the bright light of awareness (see Axiom 16).

If only partly viewed by the individual the condition will at least lessen and become lighter. This is what Clearing (personal counseling or therapy) is about: a method that ideally fully handles unwanted conditions.

 Axiom 31:  Goodness and badness; ugliness and beauty are all considerations.

Such values may vary greatly from viewpoint to viewpoint; from culture to culture. Yet, there seem to be many values that are broadly agreed upon. „Good” usually relates to things that are considered helpful to winning, thriving and growing; even more so, when we show respect for others in the process. „Bad” is the opposite. (Enslaving another and denying him/her the opportunity to evolve – see axiom 10 - we consider being universally bad). „Beauty” relates to things that bring joy and harmony, that are emotionally pleasing and near the held ideal for the object observed. „Ugliness” is disharmonic and in contrast to held ideal states.

 Axiom 32:  Anything that is not directly observed and addressed tends to remain and persist.

 Axiom 33:  Any creation that is fought tends to solidify and persist.

In Clearing we find incidents, conflicts etc. in the repressed mind (subconscious mind) that have resisted detection and resolution for ages because they have been pushed aside, detested or forcefully “forgotten”, avoided or ignored.

 Axiom 34:  Protesting things or trying to get rid of something by force tends to make the problem worse.

Force may work in the short run but permanent resolution requires awareness, insight and communication – and ideally cooperation from the involved parties.

 Axiom 35:  There are different levels of truth. On the highest level are natural laws such as cause and effect. Below that, one could find applications of such laws to various fields. Again lower would be verified facts and so on down to mere opinions; lowest on this scale we find actual falsehoods.

 Axiom 36:  A second or later problem, conflict or incident can exist and cover up a basic problem, conflict or incident.

The second negative incident or problem tends to persist and cover up the underlying problem. In Clearing we go back in time to find more basic incidents. Eventually we find the incident that contains the basic problem with its overwhelm and conflicts: with its unfortunate decisions and stuck emotions and efforts. Once that is fully inspected and the charge and overwhelm released, the whole series of similar incidents will tend to lift and disappear. The present situation will lighten up and cease to exist as a problem.

 Axiom 37:  When a situation seems unsolvable or an undesirable condition tends to repeat itself it is time to look earlier for a more basic cause.

We will find that something in the repressed (subconscious) mind has been triggered and has taken control over our life or part thereof. It will contain overwhelm and stuck unfortunate decisions (now acting as limiting beliefs and dictates), stuck emotions, impulses etc.

 Axiom 38:  The unsolvable situation described in Axiom 37 is held in place by overwhelm and reactivity.

By reactivity we mean irrational and traumatic content of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that replays itself automatically when triggered. By finding the past circumstances and discharging emotions, efforts, limiting beliefs, conflicting viewpoints and anything else found, the overwhelm and the underlying reactivity can be lifted and the charge released.

 Axiom 39:  In life and living we pose problems for their own solution.

In sports and games that is a well-known fact. We enter a game to have an opponent and thus a problem. In life we set ourselves desirable but difficult goals and thus have problems but also work and games.

 Axiom 40:  Anything that is a persistent problem must contain false data, lack of data or arbitrary opinions.

If all pertinent data are known, the false data and arbitrary opinions are cleared away we can outline a clear course of action. The persistent problem has been transformed into a challenge; the situation is now a game we can play – maybe get to master and learn from.

 Axiom 41:  If false data and arbitrary opinions exist in a situation it can present a serious and long-lasting problem.

 Axiom 42:  The physical universe is a basic playing field for aware beings.

It poses problems to us in the form of needing food, shelter, territory, a mate, etc. But it also provides us with interesting problems and thus a learning experience and a game.

 Axiom 43:  Time is an intricate part of the human experience and human life.

One could well argue that only present time exists. The past exists as memory and records only. The future exists only as plans and possibilities. “Living in the past” and “Living in the future” are both unhealthy states of mind. Both states indicate reduced presence here and now, reduced presence of mind.

It seems that we never can leave the time stream as long as we live. Living life in this virtual reality requires time – as any game does. The reason is simple: without time there is no change – at best just a frozen scenario. And without time there is no free will – at best a frozen doll in the frozen scenario. Free will is characterized by the individual causing a change he has decided on and thus there is future. And to keep up the exertion of free will there must be a place to deposit the decisions and actions completed or not valid anymore: the past.

Clearing work helps sorting out problems and completing cycles of the past (such as traumatic experiences) and thus heighten the presence of mind and ability to cause positive change when facing the future.

 Axiom 44:  Awareness by itself has no location. It exists outside and prior to this universe, to this virtual reality.

The aware being and awareness in general exist prior to any definition of location. Awareness could be said to be a pure non-locational source, an agent capable of creation and of expressing and experiencing phenomena and information.

 Axiom 45:  The aware being can decide to be located at which point it will be located and thus have the problems of human life. This happens obviously at birth and stays with us for the duration of a lifetime.

 Axiom 46:  The aware being can become so involved with the physical universe, human life and false data that it mainly becomes a problem to self and others.

We tend to be consumed of what is happening to us and around us (“our Story”) to such a degree that we forget our spiritual nature and natural power.

 Axiom 47:  The aware being can however decide to assume a higher detached viewpoint and become the problem solver.

Finding the true data, identifying limiting beliefs (dictates) and the sources they come from; and finding old energies in the form of negative emotions and efforts and releasing them… doing all this requires focus. To succeed in this work the being needs to assume a higher detached viewpoint and thus create a little distance to his or her life and mind. By taking this step back new awareness, examination and introspection are made possible.

 Axiom 48:  Life is a game where the aware being takes upon itself problems to solve. These problems can be posed by self, by other beings, as well as by the physical universe.

Some problems will over time turn into heavy burdens. All human conditions, including the most unwanted ones, can be understood in this light and traced back. Clearing work consists for a big part in tracing back burdensome problems to a point where they were initiated. Once uncovered, the being can discharge the remnants of the past and choose a new course for the future.

 Axiom 49:  To solve any problem it is important to take a step back and decide to become the problem solver rather than the problem itself (see also Axiom 47).

 Axiom 50:  Any problem to remain a problem must contain unknown facts, false data and/or arbitrary opinions.

 Axiom 51:  Awareness, live communication and decisions are senior to mental matter, energy, space and time (mental MEST) and at some level senior to physical MEST as well.

Since they are senior to mental MEST they can bring about changes and resolutions in a person’s mental landscape (mind) on a permanent basis. Things can be resolved and dissolved by the use of awareness, communication and introspection only. This outlines what we do in Clearing.

 Axiom 52:  Problems of the mind and the physical universe solidify to the degree they are deprived of awareness and not granted life.

If a situation is ignored, protested or fought it gets worse and harder to eventually solve. This is true for technical and practical problems, social situations as well as personal situations. Such protested and ignored material end up in the repressed (subconscious) mind.

 Axiom 53:  A stable position is necessary in order to align data.

In Clearing our starting position or stable datum is that we are aware beings that can take charge – and we can sort out any confusion affecting us.

 Axiom 54:  Being able to tolerate confusions and chaos is necessary in order to learn and evolve.

To act and react sanely, learn and evolve, we have to be able to deal with the challenges we meet. We can learn from them and evolve; or we can push them away, deny them and de-evolve. The better we are able to face danger, evil, betrayal, hostility, illness, poverty, failure and so on, the better we are equipped to learn from them and gain life experience. The important point, when meeting opposition and adversity, is not what happened to us but how we deal with it.

 Axiom 55:  Completing cycles of action reduces disorder and confusions.

Cycles mean here: tasks and projects. Other cycles can of course be started in parallel but keeping track of it all is very useful (see also Axiom 13).

 Axiom 56:  The aware being has as a basic purpose to bring order to chaos.

Clearing helps the aware being with this. The being addresses and reviews past burdening events, current relationships, basic ways of thinking and values – and sorts out any confusions and negative content encountered. This is learning and gaining life experience in condensed form.

 Axiom 57:  Sorting out confusion and chaos can be further defined as establishing communication, control and grounding with the given area.

Communication consists of being able to exchange data, particles or ideas with the area. Control consists of being able to put order into the area and carry out decisions in a planned manner to a desired end result. Grounding means to establish a pleasant experience of mass and reality of the area in question. The area becomes real and present in a pleasant, physical sense.

Axiom 58:  Intelligence and judgement are defined and measured by the ability to determine relative importance of data and things.

Clearing helps to establish a fresh evaluation of relative importance of past events, present actions, the data one operates on, and future goals.









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