During development DEEP Character Clearing for a while had the working title Karma Buster.
The article explains how Karma and the GPM case overlaps.

The Karma Buster Process
Explore The Dark Side of Your Karma

 by Clearbird


What we address in this processing is "identities the person has been or has fought."
The quote is one of Ron Hubbards definitions for GPMs. These identities, thus, would include own identities and any identity the person has had some kind of problematic relationship with, present and past.

Character: In Karma Buster we address Characters. Synonyms in Scn are 'valences', 'ridges', 'terminals', 'opposition terminals,' identities,' 'circuits,' machinery.'
Elsewhere we mainly used the term 'identities' or IDs. Sometimes these ridges have lost all of their 'personality' and lifelike characteristics because they have been utterly squashed so we only have left what can be identified as a ridge or a mental mass. A Character, in this context, is understood to be a fictitious personality. That is how it is used in literature and story telling. What routinely happens during Karma Buster is that what is first contacted as a mass or ridge can be developed into an identity or character. Once its 'personality' is established and recovered, the entity is addressed as a character, a beingness.

Definition in Miriam Webster: Character
7 a
: a person marked by notable or conspicuous traits <quite a character> b : one of the persons of a drama or novel c : the personality or part which an actor recreates <an actress who can create a character convincingly> d : characterization especially in drama or fiction e : person, individual <a suspicious character>

The characters we are interested in are not defined as BTs or Clusters. The characters we are interested in are seen as creations of the preclear*. The preclear is ultimately cause and his postulates, efforts and emotions are the senior factors of anything accumulated in his theta-body or space. The entities we are interested in are holograms or simulations of persons the preclear has been or fought; but they are often squashed and not-is-ed into small ridges.
One theory of why the preclear carries them along is that the preclear uses or has used them to do certain routine tasks or uses them as stimulus-response mechanisms to handle dangerous situations. They are "bureaucrats of the mind" with one single function: the execution of one certain function or goal. Like a bureaucrat they are stuck with or stuck in a 'Hat.' It has a goal, purposes, policies, plans, etc. down the admin scale to 'valuable final products.' So rather than operating on the goal only, they operate on a whole admin scale or hat. When the preclear moved on, he forgot to "dis-create" them (to as-is them.) Later on, these 'old hats' can become very inapplicable and aberrating**. In the true GPM structures you will see the preclear forming new hats and vigorously fighting his old hats that now are identified with the enemy.

* The Characters or Entities we address are consistent with the description given by Ron Hubbard in "A History of Man." Here is a quote: They [the entities] are probably just compartments of the mind which, cut off, begin to act as if they were persons. Here is an inexhaustible source of study and speculation which I leave to another."
We believe this study and the processes developed  from it will answer the questions that could be raised.

** Another quote from A History of Man: "The Theta Being is the "I", it is WHO the preclear is. If all the entities and beingnesses of the preclear were hydrogen balloons locked up inside him and each had a name and identity, the auditor might be confused and the preclear IS confused as to who "I" is. But if the preclear were suddenly opened and all the balloons let loose, the "I" balloon would be the theta being, it would be who the preclear always thought he was anyway. All others are simply modifiers." and  
"...unless the preclear is obviously insane, these sub-personalities are not distinctly units in themselves but only color the activities of the theta being."

Another way of looking at these characters can be extracted from Logics (logic 4 and 21 quoted below.) The entities are 'facsimiles of states of being.'  It means we use these simulated beingnesses as representations, facsimiles or holograms to calculate the behavior of others. Apparently this function of creating simulations of perceived dangerous characters and enemies is an everyday natural function of the mind. We use it to create simulations of co-workers, celebrities and loved ones as well. It is used in predicting behaviors and having ready-made responses. They are all representations used in all the calculations of behaviors and efforts needed to predict life with its dangers and pleasures. It is a form of "behavioral mathematics," if you will. We use it in order to predict life, survive and, hopefully, thrive.

(Logic 4: A datum is a facsimile of states of being, states of not being, actions or inactions, conclusions, or suppositions in the physical or any other universe. |Comments: 'Facsimile' is the central word. According to the dictionary it means, exact copy, such as a photo or photo copy. From Latin 'fac' and 'similar', originally meaning 'make similar'. The human mind is capable of making facsimiles of anything and does so in order work with problems on a mental level.

Logic 21. Mathematics are methods of postulating or resolving real or abstract data in any universe and integrating by symbolization of data, postulates and resolutions.
In Logic 4 we saw how the human mind works with facsimiles  to solve problems. Mathematics takes this principle to the extreme by using symbols and formulas. Mathematics defines the abstract 'universe' to which it applies. It then defines things so they can be expressed numerically. Now you can do very precise calculations and predictions in that limited 'universe'. It's like a computer program. It lacks human emotion and intelligence but is very useful in its special field.)

These 'facsimiles of states of being' are  not "the GPM structure" as such, but it is most certainly the pool from where GPM terminals (characters) are recruited, so to speak, when the right "chemistry of adhesive forces" is present. When self-created identities get stuck or hung up against each other in a fight we certainly have a serious problem; we get a pair of GPM terminals. Over eons of time we have gotten stuck with a very little percentage of these types of problems.

The pairs/problems form reactive structures with each other, called the line-plots. The adhesive force is goals in opposition or conflict. The opposing goals as an adhesive force operates outside of time. Another adhesive force, we believe, is the preclears hunger for a story or a destiny. You can extract all the dramas of the world from the GPM case. Your own GPM case comprises the blueprint for your destiny, your Karma. The timeless nature of the GPM goals means that they can get activated at any time the preclear operates on similar goals and purposes. The goals in a GPM form a pattern of related conflicts. It is a chain of problems and solutions. We have layer after layer of opposing goals. The layers stick together as well, as a goal in one layer has a stuck conflict with a goal in the next layer. (See "line-plots" in glossary.) All goals and conflicts in one GPM are related to the same topic or theme. It's "all about sex," "all about military life," "all about politics," or whatever. Once one layer has become an irresolvable problem of equal forces, a new solution is found (a new but related course or goal) which starts the forming of the next layer. What we get is a goals-problems-mass, or simply a "super problem." The opposing and adhesive forces cause the 'facsimiles of being' to be squashed completely as do the preclears efforts to discard of them by not-is-ing them.. We now have a preclear with ridges .

When he tries to operate as an OT he soon collides with all these skeletons in the closet. They comprise his "Karma."

Getting Started
The way to get started on taking this mess apart is to address this lifetime conflicts the preclear is stuck in. That is what is explained on the DEEP Page. It is also what the Hubbard process R2-12 sought to address.

The main tool used in Karma Buster is Effort Processing (developed by Ron Hubbard in 1951.) We use Effort Processing on the two opposing entities, one after the other. There isn't much written on how Effort Processing was originally run. The best reference thus far found, is in the book "A History of Man" (1951). It describes in chapter 2 how "entities" can and should be run on Effort processing. Another issue is "Self-Determined Effort Processing" from 1951. It goes more to how to run it -- as does the book, Advanced Procedures and Axioms (1952). Although the principles are laid out we have found new ways to use these principles. To get it to an effective tech, different approaches have been applied to see what works the best.

From glossary:  A Character is like a hired bureaucrat. It has one duty and basic function only: to succeed in executing the goal it has been entrusted with by the Being. A whole hat or admin scale has been formed around this goal. It is therefore not enough just to address the goal. Also, like you see in government, the "bureaucrat of the mind" will hang around and draw a paycheck in the form of theta energy forever if nobody higher up releases it from its duties. It is a machine or robot the Being has built and granted life to -- originally out of convenience or perceived necessity (the latter can happen after traumatic incidents and shocks.) But now it has taken on a life of its own and may later on be in severe conflict with its master or with other entities.



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